Nevada Marriage Records

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Nevada Marriage Records reveal the number of marriage ceremonies performed in Clark County averages nearly ten-thousand per month.

Marriage Certificates are official public records that must be certified by Clark County, in Las Vegas , Nevada . The Marriage Certificates show where in Clark County , the ceremony took place, who performed the ceremony and the date of the ceremony. These public records are proof that you were married.

Marriage Records Filed in Clark County Reveal Fascinating Data:

  • Around 120,000 marriage ceremonies are performed each year in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada.
  • Las Vegas plays host to an average of 10,000 marriage ceremonies each month. That’s over 300 weddings a day.
  • Compared with Nevada ‘s relatively small population, the number of marriage ceremonies performed is disproportionately high.
  • Historically, the most popular day for marriage ceremonies in Las Vegas is Feb. 14, St. Valentines Day.
  • The second most popular Las Vegas wedding date is New Year’s Eve.

Why is Nevada such a popular marriage rendezvous?

  • Relatively lenient marriage laws, low costs and the allure of Nevada ‘s most popular city, Las Vegas , are top reasons so many people travel to Clark county Nevada for their marriage ceremony.
  • Nevada Marriage requirements are relatively lenient
  • Nevada Marriage costs are more affordable
  • Nevada marriage license fees are only $77 at the Clark County Marriage License Bureau.
  • It usually takes less then 10 minutes to get the marriage license and as little as 15 minutes for the marriage ceremony.
  • Couples who want a fast and inexpensive wedding can choose to pay a marriage commissioner $50 to perform the ceremony. Commissioners can be found in offices near the county license bureau.
  • The price for a chapel wedding, including the license fee, can be as low as $100.

However, couples who want a much more elaborate ceremony have many options. The cost basically depends upon how lavish or extravagant the marriage ceremony will be. Amenities available for couples include flowers, champagne, balloons, photography, audio or video recordings and limousine service.

In addition, many different services are available for people to choose from. Options may include civil ceremonies, non-denominational ceremonies, ceremonies with original vows and marriages involving kids from previous relationships.

Important Facts About The Nevada Marriage License

  • Nevada marriage licenses can be obtained for marriages between two adults, 18 years or older, who are not currently married and not related to each other.
  • Marriage applicants must provide proof of age, either passport or birth certificate to be issued a license.
  • Social Security Numbers of both parties are required for the Marriage License to be issued.
  • Nevada marriage law requires no blood test and no waiting period.
  • The fee for the license is $77.
  • Nevada Marriage licenses can be obtained at the Clark County Marriage License Bureau and is only valid in Nevada .
  • The marriage license is good for one year and is valid as soon as you walk away from the counter.
  • The marriage becomes legal after the marriage ceremony takes place and the marriage records are filed with the Clark County Recorders Office.

Where To Apply For A Marriage License:

The Clark County Marriage License Bureau
200 South Third Street (1 st floor)
Las Vegas , Nevada 89101

The Clark County Marriage License Bureau is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to Midnight, weekends from 8am Friday – Sunday 12:00 Midnight and 24 hours on major holidays

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The allure of Las Vegas

  • According to the Nevada Department of Human Resources, almost 90 percent of all people married in Nevada come from other states.
  • Nevada continually has large numbers of nonresidents visit for the purpose of marriage largely because of the magnetism of Nevada ‘s most popular city, Las Vegas .
  • Non-citizens who get married in the U.S. may need additional or special documentation to guarantee marriage is recognized in their country.
  • Many people combine their marriage in Nevada with gambling and entertainment to enrich their marriage experience.
  • The glamour of a Las Vegas wedding also attracts many celebrities. Elvis and Priscilla, Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, were all married in Las Vegas , and many more continue to visit Las Vegas for the same reason.
  • Las Vegas has over 50 wedding chapels most of which are conveniently located in close proximity to other major attractions, including many that are inside major casino hotels, The Strip, and downtown Las Vegas . There are an assortment of private chapels that vary in design and ambience to appeal to every budget or taste.
  • The convenience of a Nevada marriage combined with the fascination of the casinos make Nevada a popular destination for marriage.

Nevada Marriage Records

Nevada marriage records are filed with the County Recorder in the county where the marriage license was issued, not where the marriage took place. is an online resource that allows people who were married in Las Vegas or other surrounding areas within Clark County Nevada to order certified copies of their official Marriage Records, once they’ve been recorded with the Clark County Recorder.

We are unable to issue Marriage Licenses. Marriage Licenses are issued prior to the ceremony and can only be issued by the state or the county where the ceremony will take place.